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PC Guy LLC started with the belief that you don't need to be a computer geek or a nerd to work with people on their computer systems. In fact, we have found it is quite the contrary. The best computer technician is someone who can relate well with people on an individual level.

Computer Technicians have been hired over the years at PC Guy with this in mind. Our customer service skills are unmatched in the business and we know when things need extra attention from a simple conversation with you.

    We are normal people that like the new and cool toys. We like big LED 3D TVs and stereos and fast cars. We like our personal time with our families. We are constantly striving to upgrade and learn the latest and greatest tools, toys, and tech.

    This doesn't make us geeks; this doesn't make us nerds. We are like most of you out there. The people that like iPhones and Droids; the people that like iPads and Android tablets. 

    We enjoy the creature comforts that life has to offer and would love to help you stay connected and enjoy them, as well. We respect your personal and family time and will work hard to help you keep that to a level of your satisfaction.

One of the nicest things is you will be able to understand us and enjoy the process as we complete our tasks for you.

Call today and get to know our team.